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the ultimate guide to breastfeeding newborns
Low milk supply is an issue that many health professionals do not acknowledge even now. You will hear that it is just a' perceived poor milk supply' and 'you really just have to relax, you will have enough breast milk to feed your baby'. This used to be the case. Sadly with the rise of adult onset diabetes (Type two) and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in mothers, low milk supply is a real, honest problem. #naturalearthymama #baby #breastfeeding #pregnancy
Just because your breast milk supply is ample now, does not necessarily mean you will not struggle with low milk supply over the next few months. And just because you had lots of breast milk for one baby does not mean it will be the same for the next baby.

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Having your first baby is overwhelming, and there are some things that I wish I had known before she arrived so that I would be prepared for them. Parenting is hard, especially for new parents. Here are my parenting tips for surviving the first few weeks with a newborn baby #newborn #parentingtips #newparents #lifeinthetrenches #naturalearthymama
Here are 10 things that I have stopped buying to save us money and to protect our environment #zerowaste #frugal #savemoney #moneytips #naturalearthymama
here are 13 amazingly helpful parenting skills that you should learn to improve your parenting. They are amazing life skills to pass on to your children. They help you parent well, these tips are helpful! #parenting #parent #mom #naturalearthymama #parentingtips

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newborn only sleeps when being held
Taking a newborn out for the first time can be terrifying. Make sure you have everything you will need packed in your diaper bag! Here is how to pack a diaperbag #newborn #baby #pregnancy #postpartum #firsttimemom #mom #naturalearthymama #diaperbag
coping with colic in the newborn, the 4th trimester

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Not sure what essential items you need to get for your newborn? Getting ready for a baby can be an expensive thing, but here are the absolute basics that you will need to prepare for bringing your newborn baby home from an experienced mom. #naturalearthymama #pregnancy #newbaby #baby
Most of the focus during pregnancy is on pain during labor. Very little thought is given to the recovery period after birth. Postpartum pain relief should be right near the top of your 'get ready for labor list of things to organize'. Here are some natural (and not so natural) ways to reduce pain after childbirth. #NEM #labor #postpartum #pregnancy #baby #firsttimemom

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Do you need a birth plan? Free labor plan pdf template for you to fill in before your natural labor or planned c-section. Give one to your midwife, OBGYN, doctor or doula. Pregnancy and labor plans help you to know what to expect. #NEM #labor #homebirth #pregnancy
It is possible to have a natural hospital birth, but it is becoming quite rare sadly.  There are also some things that you can do to make labor and delivery less painful. The interesting thing is that these are largely the same techniques! #naturallabor #naturaldelivery #normaldelivery #birth #pregnancy #firsttimemom #vbac #naturalearthymama
Natural birth and labor - everything you need to know about labor

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treating endometriosis naturally to improve fertility rates

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what is the keto diet. Can keto help fertility , keto and PCOS
Have you hit a keto stall? Here are 13 reasons that you have reached a plateau on the ketogenic diet and what you can do to boost your weight loss again. Tips, hacks and weightloss. #naturalearthymama #weightloss #ketogenicdiet #keto
ket diet, foods you can eat on the keto diet