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the ultimate guide to breastfeeding newborns
Low milk supply is an issue that many health professionals do not acknowledge even now. You will hear that it is just a' perceived poor milk supply' and 'you really just have to relax, you will have enough breast milk to feed your baby'. This used to be the case. Sadly with the rise of adult onset diabetes (Type two) and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in mothers, low milk supply is a real, honest problem. #naturalearthymama #baby #breastfeeding #pregnancy
Just because your breast milk supply is ample now, does not necessarily mean you will not struggle with low milk supply over the next few months. And just because you had lots of breast milk for one baby does not mean it will be the same for the next baby.

the ultimate guide to breastfeeding newborns

Breastfeeding Newborns: The Ultimate Guide

If breastfeeding a newborn is natural, why is it so hard? You would think that feeding your newborn the natural way would be easy right? But very rarely have I met a woman that has said that the first few weeks was easy.