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Do you need a birth plan? Free labor plan pdf template for you to fill in before your natural labor or planned c-section. Give one to your midwife, OBGYN, doctor or doula. Pregnancy and labor plans help you to know what to expect. #NEM #labor #homebirth #pregnancy
It is possible to have a natural hospital birth, but it is becoming quite rare sadly.  There are also some things that you can do to make labor and delivery less painful. The interesting thing is that these are largely the same techniques! #naturallabor #naturaldelivery #normaldelivery #birth #pregnancy #firsttimemom #vbac #naturalearthymama
Natural birth and labor - everything you need to know about labor

Tips For Sore Hips During Pregnancy

Your pregnancy journey won’t always be comfortable- it comes with the territory. It seems to get worse as you get to the finish line. That’s because your body produces a relaxin hormone to help your pelvis area get ready for the baby. Unfortunately, it’s not painless. Here are some tips to help relieve sore hips, …

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