Unique Baby Names That Will Be Perfect In 2021

Choosing a baby name is one of the hardest things you will ever do. Finding a unique and special name just for your baby is a real challenge. Check out these perfect unique baby names chosen for you #babynames #naturalearthymamaSo, you are expecting a baby this year, and you have not been able to think of a name for the baby yet?

It can be a tough call with so many possible names and suggestions around.

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But you should look to search for a name that is unique and is not quite heard of.

One of the reasons why a unique name will suit your child is that it will help to create their own identity and stand out as an individual.

There is nothing wrong with choosing an old-fashioned or traditional name but your child deserves a name that is absolutely brand new.

So, here are some of the names that you can consider:

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Unique Names for Girls

1. Yani

Yani means peace and also a composer of dreams. 

It is believed that girls who are named Yani will be affectionate and pleasant in nature.

This name is said to have Hebrew, Aboriginal, and Australian origins.

2. Isla

Another very sweet and unique name that originates from the name of an island in Scotland.

It is one of the best baby names this year and if you want to have some more options that sound similar, you can try Islyta, Isletta, Islah, or Isela.

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3. Pearl

You could never have imagined nouns being used as a name but that is certainly the new trend.

Pearls are rare and so is your daughter. So, that can be the secret to naming your baby girl this unique name that none may not have thought about.

4. Althea

Those who are fond of traditional or old-fashioned names for girls can certainly try Althea. It is not a name that you will hear often nowadays.

The name means someone who has healing power. This Greek name is also associated with pastoral poetry.

5. Sadie

A nickname for Sarah (meaning “princess”), made famous by the biblical wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac. Sadie has become a popular name of its own.

Unique Names for Boys

1. Archer

Archer can be a very trendy name for your son. It means a person who shoots bows and arrows which can also be interpreted as someone who has a specific aim in life.

2. Bernard

One of the most traditional names you’d hear but one that carries a lot of meaning;

Bernard is a combination of bear and hardy. It means that your son will grow up to be strong and brave.


If you are looking for a trendy name that will be unique, then you should name your son Maverick.

Maverick means an independent-minded person; something that you will aspire your child to become as he grows up.

4. Matteo

Matteo or Mateo is a very unique name because it means gift of god. Your son is truly a gift of god and if you are a religious couple, then you should definitely consider this name for your baby boy.

5. Cato

Meaning “wise” in Latin, Cato is a name that has a large history in Ancient Rome.

Some might pick it in reference to the politician who opposed Julius Caesar, others might just like the sound of their newborn becoming a future genius.

Choosing a unique name for your baby

When you are naming your baby, make sure that the name is easy to pronounce.

The secret to a unique name is easy pronunciation and its meaning. Now that you have so many options, you can take your time and decide which one will be best for your baby boy or girl.


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