Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby: What to pack in your labor bag

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Here are the essentials that you will want to pack in your labor bag! From a mama that has been there and done that 3 times over! Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby: What to pack in your labor bag #labor #laborbag #pregnancy #newborn #gettingreadyforbaby #naturalearthymamaPacking your labor bag and hospital bag for the first time can be rather daunting! Below is a list of the things that you should take with you in your labor and delivery bags.

Hospitals vary in their policies about what you are allowed to bring with you when you have your baby. You may want to take a few items from home, such as your own pillows, to make the place more homely. But be aware that hospitals can be short on space, so don’t go overboard!

If you’re driving to hospital, you could leave the second bag in the car. If you have a straightforward birth, you may leave hospital on the same day and not need the second bag at all.

Its divided in to two lists as it is easier to have a smaller bag for the labor room and one for later once baby is here and you are settled in your room.

Print this hospital bag checklist for mom and baby off and tick things as they are packed. Leave last minute items highlighted on the list, and stick the list to the top of your bag. For smaller things consider getting new ones and have them packed and ready to go – toiletries, underwear etc.

Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby

Packing your Labor Bag


Digital Camera/video – Charged!

Lip Balm

Hair Clips, Hair Ties, Head Band

Cell Phone – with credit and charger

List of people that need called immediately


Drink bottle

Copy of your birth plan

Plenty of change for the parking meter

Clean Pyjamas to put on after labour


An off-the-shelf meal for Dad

Portable speakers/mp3 player and music

Warm socks – weirdly feet get cold sometimes

Money for food

Labor dress/top/skirt

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Packing your Hospital Bag


Tooth brush/ toothpaste





3 sets of pyjamas that button at the front

6-10 sets of old/cheap or disposable underwear

3 maternity bras

Breast pads

Maternity pads

Clothes to go home in

Go home outfit for baby

Disposable diapers if you want to use them

Dressing gown

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Bee balm or Vaseline to prevent meconium sticking to baby’s butt

Pillow from home

Make up for photos

Razor – just in case you feel like shaving now you can see your legs


DVD player/Laptop

Snacks to eat when awake all night breastfeeding

Pen and paper/notebook


Print your own copy of the What to Pack in your Labor Bag here


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