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Not sure what essential items you need to get for your newborn? Getting ready for a baby can be an expensive thing, but here are the absolute basics that you will need to prepare for bringing your newborn baby home from an experienced mom. #naturalearthymama #pregnancy #newbaby #baby
Most of the focus during pregnancy is on pain during labor. Very little thought is given to the recovery period after birth. Postpartum pain relief should be right near the top of your 'get ready for labor list of things to organize'. Here are some natural (and not so natural) ways to reduce pain after childbirth. #NEM #labor #postpartum #pregnancy #baby #firsttimemom

How To Handle Milk Oversupply

It takes a while for your body to adjust to nursing. Until you get to the optimum milk supply, your body can produce too much milk, especially in the early days of nursing. The supply usually self-corrects, but not for all. If you are dealing with milk oversupply, keep reading to find out what you …

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Breastfeeding Tips For First Time Moms

Speaking from experience, being a new mom is the most terrifying – fulfilling adventure! You’ve probably heard that breast is best. Well, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 81% of women try breastfeeding, but one-third give up before the sixth month. I know you want what’s best for your baby. These tips …

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9 Secrets for a Successful Return to Work After Maternity Leave

Returning to work after maternity leave is tough!! Today’s post is brought to you by Alvina Emmy from Parent Loves. Those 4 months of maternity leave will pass in the blink of an eye. After your delivery, your life becomes completely different. A newborn baby, breastfeeding routines, unscheduled sleeping, struggling to get into shape— That’s …

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How to Exclusively Breastfeed Twins and Stay Sane

Hi, I’m Felicia Morrison and the writer behind Bringing Up the Littles. A blog about all things motherhood. I’m a stay at home mom to four little ones, the youngest being twins. I might be crazy, but I love this journey I’m on and so now I’m writing about it to help out other moms just …

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