Best Postpartum Girdles for 2021: What belly binder should you use?

postpartum girdle reviews to 2019Postpartum girdles, (also known as post pregnancy shapewear) compresses your abdomen, backside, and hips, giving you a shapely look. These amazing body shapers perform wonders on the postpartum body.

But does a girdle really help? What are the benefits to wearing one, and which postpartum gridle suits you best?

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But first, here my 4 favorite Postpartum Girdles for 2021

Scroll right to the bottom to see the full reviews of my top 5 and the MUTU system!

  • Adjustable Front Hook and Eye Closures
  • C Section Incision Support and Recovery
  • Posture Improvement, Back Pain Relief

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Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Corset

  • Internal Flexible Boning
  • Special Design Smooths Midsection
  • Excellent Back Support & Posture Correcting

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Postpartum Abdominal Binder by Wink

  • 3 Layers of Closures at The Side
  • Hook And Eye Opening At Crotch
  • Two Layers of Silky Medical Grade Material

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3 In 1 Postpartum Support

  • Breathable & Comfortable Material
  • Adjustable & Great For Mothers
  • Speeds Up Postpartum Healing Process

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Does Wearing A Girdle After Pregnancy Help?

While a girdle or wrap can help you disguise your belly, there is no solid evidence that using them will actually shrink your post-pregnancy belly any faster (1)

A postpartum girdle can help the tummy and uterus to shrink back to their original size, or even smaller, but it is unlikely that it would happen any faster than if you just left it.

However, the firm support can offer you many other physical benefits to your post baby body.

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What are the Benefits Of Wearing A Postpartum Girdle?

Whether you have had a natural or a surgical childbirth, wearing a post pregnancy girdle can help you feel better and more supported.

1. Helps you feel better about your body:

It is normal for new moms to feel squishy. What better place for your baby to snuggle than on your skin pillow?!

Your baby weight will take time to leave, at the moment your body is extra insulin resistant to keep you well padded in case of a famine. A postpartum girdle will make you feel more confident as your body shape begins to normalize. It helps to hold the wobbly bits in place.

2. Supports your muscles as they recover:

Post delivery, after being tightly stretched then given the workout of a lifetime, the abdomen is deflated, and it takes a long time for the muscles to contract and the skin to regain its flexible nature. A support garment will help in holding these muscles and skin in the right position.

3. Supports your posture:

Using great posture can be a huge feat post pregnancy. Your posture has been steadily changing over the past nine months and getting it back to normal can take some work and concentration.

A wrap or girdle can help you with that.

4. Supports C-section recovery:

Wearing a postpartum girdle helps in relieving the swelling of the abdominal area, and limits the painful tissue movements that may pull on your stiches. It will also eliminate the fear of laughing, coughing and getting up from the bed since the postpartum shapewear will hold the scar firmly.

5. Better fitting clothing:

Being able to fit in to your pre-baby clothes faster? Yes please.

6. Supports your back:

Any back issue you have had, such as scoliosis, spinal curvature, and radiculitis become worse post pregnancy. It is due to the additional pressure on the back developed during pregnancy and post delivery. A post pregnancy belly wrap can significantly help support your back.

When Can You Start Wearing Postpartum Girdle?

You should get the approval of your doctor or midwife before using a belly wrap or shapewear.

For natural delivery, you should be able to start wearing it right after the birth. In case of a C-section, you may have to wait until the incision heals. But there are some girdles discussed below which you can use immediately as they are designed for C-sec mothers.

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How Long Can You Wear a Girdle After Pregnancy?

You can wear it as long as you want to. How long you want to wear it is up to you. Most women wear them for an average duration of four to six weeks. Some  women regain their pre-pregnancy shape fast, while some may take more time.

Generally, you will wear it every day, awake or asleep. Wearing abdominal support for the first week helps you achieve the most benefit 0ut of it. After the initial week, you can take it off at nights. You can continue wearing it for the next couple of months or until you become comfortable without it.

If you have had a C-section, you may stop wearing it once the stitches heal. It usually takes about four weeks for the stitches to heal, but it can even take longer if the blood circulation is disturbed. In that case, you may have to use the girdle longer.

Types Of Postpartum Girdles:

There are various kinds of postpartum girdles, choose the one that fits you well.

1. Zipper style girdle:

They have a zipper that is either on the front or the side. Front zipper type is easier to wear and take off, especially if you have had a C-section.

2. Corset style girdle:

They have snap or boning enclosures and are made of medical grade material. They offer you the maximum support required for post pregnancy recovery.

3. Pull-up stretchy style girdle:

This is handy and provides support like an underwear with high waist. If you choose to use this, you may have to wait until two weeks post childbirth and take the opinion of your doctor. It is not ideal to use it after cesarean section as it will interfere with abdominal recovery.

4. Wrap style girdle:

It has a frontal flap which wraps around the midsection and fastens at the back.

The Postpartum Girdle Buying Checklist:

Post pregnancy shapewear is not cheap, it is an investment, you may have to consider a few things:

Ease of use: How easy is it to put on and off?

Effectiveness: Does it offer support? Does it give the right compression? Does it help relieve back pain? Does it straighten your back? Will it work both types of birthing – vaginal or cesarean?

Durability: How is the material quality? Does it stay in shape even after extended use, and can it provide a tight snug?

Comfort: Does it slip and loosen with use? Does it harm your skin? Does it bunch up or roll down? Can you carry out other activities when wearing it? Can you wear it all day?

Material: Is it made of latex, rubber, cotton or nylon and is it breathable? Does it cause any irritation or allergy?

Price: Can you afford it? Is it good value?

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Is there an alternative to wearing a Post Partum Girdle?

YES, there is. If your main concerns are around back support and muscle recovery, I would suggest that you look closely at using the Mutu System.  Mutu is an easy-to-do, muscle building program that is designed for postpartum women to regain their core strength and to prevent the long term complications of pregnancy like backaches, abdominal diastasis recti , and incontinence.

The TOP 5 Postpartum Girdles Reviews

Bellefit Postpartum Corset

Bellefit is one of the most well-known companies when it comes to postpartum girdles – their products usually have high user ratings on Amazon and are always among the top-sellers.


The Bellefit Postpartum Corset has adjustable front hook and the eye closures, as well as special C-Section incision support. It is made of excellent material, looks very durable and is even recommended by some doctors.


It is ideal for women with longer torsos, but less so for women with shorter torsos.


In our opinion, this is a great product, feeling very comfortable on the waist and bringing all the benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle.

Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’ Contouring Cincher

Made by Squeem, the “Perfect Waist” Contouring Cincher Shapewear is specially designed to feel very smooth on the skin while at the same time, emphasizing your natural curves.


The Squeem shapeware offers good back support, and feels comfortable while it is on. The internal boning is flexible to allow movement, but strong enough to stop the “roll-up” that you often get with simple postpartum girdles. Easy to put on and off.


The smell. There is a significant rubber odor, that may well dissipate after wearing for some time.


There are a wide size range, and it is a functional postpartum girdle option, helping you with the recovery.

Postpartum Abdominal binder by Wink

Third on my postpartum girdle review list is the C-Section Postpartum Girdle made by Wink, and it is definitely one of the best on the market.


It has an elastic band that keeps the garment from rolling down and has three lines of eye and hook closures on the side, which are used for getting that perfect fit.

There are also crotch hook and eyes, making going to the bathroom much easier It is an excellent postpartum girdle, made of medical grade material and is seamless under any clothing.


The only real downside is that its crotch area could be irritating to some users.


Along with the great functionality, the Wink’s C-Section Postpartum Girdle, is supportive during the first months of the recovery, and it is very comfortable to wear.

3 In 1 Postpartum Support Girdle

The 3 in 1 Postpartum Support, made by Tirain, is an affordable option. It is made of comfortable, lightweight material and it is adjustable, allowing you to quickly readjust the tightness of it so that it suits your present needs.


This postpartum girdle is super affordable. It holds the stomach in while supporting your back.


It is quite thick with all the layers of hook and loop. Even though it can be worn under clothes, the Tirain’s 3 in 1 Postpartum Support is visible under most clothing.


Super affordable option as long as you don’t mind hanging out in your hoodie while your body heals.

UpSpring Postpartum Belly Band

UpSpring’s Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Band, is an affordable option. It is perfect for women with shorter torsos.


Made totally latex-free, and lightweight, it is one of the narrower bands on the market, so perfect if you are avoiding a c-section scar, or have a short torso.


The fabric isn’t silky soft, so you may want to wear a top under it.


The UpSpring’s Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Band is fairly affordable, very adjustable and well made.

The MUTU System

Why wear a girdle when you can fix the issues properly, forever?

The MUTU System Program helps you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, lose weight and feel confident and sexy again


Easy to do program designed SPECIFICALLY for women who have just had a baby. Work along in your own time and see real results.


It does take some daily commitment from you to make this work over the 12 weeks.


An amazing healing product that helps you regain confidence and strength, while preventing bladder weakness and curing split abdominal muscles.

Considering buying a Postpartum Girdle from these reviews?

Postpartum support is a fantastic way to get your body feeling normal again after delivery.

Please make sure you check with your maternity carer before starting to wear a support garment. If you want true, long lasting healing and health, consider doing the MUTU system.

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