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How to get into ketosis in 24 hours: the best way

There are some very key things that you need to do in order to achieve ketosis. Below are our tips on how to achieve ketosis very quickly.However, if you are looking to achieve ketosis over time, these are our best tips. For some people, achieving ketosis over a week is much more effective than rushing into ketosis. #keto #naturalearthymama

Wondering how to get into ketosis in 24 hours? This guide will give you the best chance!

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What is Ketosis?

Before you try to achieve ketosis, it is very important to know what ketosis is.

Ketosis is the whole purpose of the ketogenic diet. The keto diet is where you eat healthy fats as fuel rather than using glucose as fuel.

You achieve this by eating 75% healthy fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates (or less).

This is a very effective way of losing weight.

So ketosis is when your body uses fat as fuel and it uses this fat to produce fatty acids known as ketone bodies. A ketone body can then be used by your body as a very clean burning source of fuel and energy.

There are some very key things that you need to do in order to achieve ketosis. Below are our tips on how to achieve ketosis very quickly.

However, if you are looking to achieve ketosis over time, these are our best tips . For some people, achieving ketosis over a week is much more effective than rushing into ketosis.

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How do you know when you are in ketosis?

Knowing if you have entered into ketosis can be confusing when you experience it for the first time.

We suggest you pop over and read this comprehensive guide to ketosis signs.

Our top 5 ways of telling you are in ketosis are:

1. You are no longer hungry

2. Bad breath

3. Energy boost and clarity

4. Weight loss – YAY!

5. Change in your bathroom routine

However, when you move into ketosis within 24 hours, you will want to track your ketones very closely with either blood, breath or urine testing. This will allow you to see how close you are to achieving ketosis.

What are Ketones and how do I measure them?

When you enter into ketosis, your body is using healthy fats as fuel. Your liver does most of the work and turns the fat into ketones.

During this process, excess ketones become a byproduct which your body will excrete in your breath or urine.

Your body is fat burning to make energy, and it is one of the few ways that will actually mean you expend more energy than you use – with the excess coming out in your breath or urine. Ketone production is such a great source of fuel, that your body doesn’t mind wasting it!

This is why people get ‘keto breath’ (so be sure to have keto mints on hand!)

Therefore, one of the most effective ways of tracking your ketosis is by tracking your ketone levels. This is made super simple with keto strips or a blood tester. This is the same machine that you use for checking your blood glucose levels, but you can buy ketone strips for them and use it to check your blood ketone level .

Keto strips are very simple to use. You collect your urine, dip the testing stick in. Wait 40 seconds (or as the packet instructs) and then you compare your stick to the color code on the side of the packet.

This packet allows you to know if you have no trace, trace, small, moderate, large, larger amounts of ketones in the urine. Buy these Ketone Strips now

You can use them in the morning and night starting on your first day of the 24 hours. This will help you monitor how you are tracking to achieve ketosis.

You can certainly also use these if you are taking a slower approach to ketosis.

Can you achieve ketosis in 24 hours?

Technically, yes. In reality, its really hard but not impossible to get into ketosis FAST!

With everything now days, we hate waiting. This guide will basically give you your best chance to gain ketosis within 24 hours, but obviously nothing is 100% certain. This is because everybody is so different.

Your genes, medical history, gut bacteria, and many more things will influence how quickly you can get into ketosis.

Would we recommend it? To be honest, no. It is really good to take it slow with your body as it makes the change from fueling from carbohydrates to fat.

This is a major change for your body to move through and the slower you take it, the easier on your body it is.

There can be some danger in pushing your body to the extreme and it is best to do this in consultation with your doctor. This way you will know that your body will be safe as they can give individualized advice.

If you currently have a high carbohydrate diet full of take outs and sodas, moving into ketosis within 24 hours is extremely difficult, but it is doable.

It is hard to do because you will have a huge amount of carbohydrates stored as glycogen in your body.

On the other hand, if you have a low carbohydrate diet currently and you eat lots of green vegetables and a good balance of protein, you may be able to achieve ketosis in 24 hours much more easily.

So, our number one tip is the week prior to wanting to move into ketosis in 24 hours, you will want to start moving to a high animal protein, high animal fat diet.

Add heaps of animal based protein and fat to your diet. Increasing your protein intake will make you less hungry, while ensuring you are getting the nutrition you need.

This is so healthy for you and it will give your body a great platform to build on for ketosis.

One thing that you are very likely to experience is an upset stomach. This is very normal when you are making any diet change.

Seek medical advice if you feel like it is no longer within the ‘normal’ range. This leads on to the Keto Flu…

Keto flu – what is this?

The keto flu happens when your body goes through a switch from using glucose as fuel to fat as fuel. The keto flu is basically the negative side effects that come with this process.

Luckily the keto flu effects people in different ways, so you may not get any symptoms!

It is likely that if you move into ketosis in the first 24 hours, you will get some of the keto flu symptoms.

The upset stomach is something that you may experience, as is fatigue and headaches.

This is common in changes in diet. It may be a good idea to start your keto diet on a Friday if you do not work the weekend.

This way you will have a toilet close by.

There are some key things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of you getting the keto flu. You can find these in this article .

What causes Ketosis?

There are many key things you will need to do to move into ketosis. These can be found below.

Basically as a rule, you need to significantly reduce the amount of carbs that you are consuming. This can be hard going! A low carb diet can be enough to put you in ketosis, but each individual will have a different number of grams of carbs you can tolerate before getting into ketosis.

Your body will kick into survival mode as you reduce your carbohdrates. It will panic and ask you for more carbs… this is when the cravings set in!

To curve your cravings it is a great idea to have a range of really good quality fat bombs on hand.

Fat bombs are used as a way of training your body. So when you have a craving, eat a fat bomb. This will tell your body that you want it to use the fat as fuel. It forces the issue.

Should you aim for ketosis in 24 hours?

This is a question that we cannot answer for you. Instead, you need to listen to your own body and hear what it is communicating with you.

If you cut out carbohydrates and have no negative side effects, it is likely you will be fine!

If you start kicking carbs and then feel horrible, you will need to make the right decision for you and your body, you might prefer to slowly ease into ketosis by slowly lowering your carbohydrate intake over a couple of weeks.

How to achieve ketosis in 24 hours

Ok, so you have read everything above and you are still keen to give it a go?

Here are our top tips!

Drink, drink, drink, and drink some more!

Honestly. you will need to drink so much more water than what you think.

In the first 24 to 48 hours of lowing your carb intake, your body will use up its glycogen stores. As these disappear, your body will release the fluid that you have stored to dilute the glycogen to a safe level. This means you will start to urinate a lot.

With this urine will go a lot of electrolytes.

Because of this, your body will become dehydrated during the first stages of ketosis so it is very important that you continue to provide water to the body.

This needs to go hand in hand with electrolytes.

There is no point consuming water glass after glass, if your body cannot absorb and use the water! This is where electrolytes are very important.

When you are moving into ketosis in 24 hours consider using a no-sugar electrolyte drink. We don’t usually consume these, however when moving quickly into ketosis this may be the only way to get the electrolytes in quick enough.

We also use chicken broth and add extra salt. The natural nutrients in this can be a good organic alternative if you are not wanting to consume the electrolyte drinks.

If you can make your own chicken broth, even better!

Fasting is essential

If you want to gain ketosis in 24 hours, you will need to get your head around intermittent fasting .

This will allow you to cleanse your body from the carbs and stored glycogen that are currently in there.

Basically, when you start moving into ketosis you need to ‘starve’ your body from carbohydrates. Because when your body has no carbohydrates left, it will need to change its fuel source.

An easy way of introducing yourself to fasting is to eat dinner around 5pm the night before, then when you wake up, have a bulletproof coffee or a caffeine free bullet for breakfast. This will give your body a great amount of healthy fat to kick start your day without actually breaking your fast.

When you start your day this way, you will actually be intermittent fasting without feeling like you haven’t eaten!

Then, when you feel yourself getting hungry later in the day, make yourself a high fat and moderate protein meal.

You want to keep your carbohydrates a low as possible, without over doing it! You need to still be able to function, and stay out of keto flu. This will be different for everyone’s body and you will need to listen to how it is reacting.

Ketosis is the very best way to lose weight and keep it off, and it is very quick at doing so. If you are going to be living in ketosis for the next year or so, there is no real rush to get into ketosis in 24 hours.

Work out

When you exercise, you use up your stored fuel source. If you are trying to get into ketosis within 24 hours, doing a large cardio or lifting exercise session before a fast. This will burn up most of the stored glucose in your muscles and liver, encouraging your body to slip into ketosis fast.

This is a great tip if you have a lot of carbohydrate fuel (stored glycogen) in your body that you need to use up prior to being able to move burning your stored fat as your fuel.

Now, you certainly need to balance this with how much your energy levels will let you. As we keep saying – listen to your body!

You want to be able to use your fuel, without falling over! Remember to consume fat, fat is your friend!

Exogenous Ketones

This is something that some people feel are helpful in getting into ketosis quickly.

It is thought that while you are training your body to use ketones, you can introduce external ones to support it with quick and easy energy.

MCT oil or coconut oil can be used as a supplement to help encourage your body to make ketones as the medium chain fatty acid your body converts straight to energy.

Here are some External Ketones that you can explore:


Although we do not necessarily recommend it, this is probably the fasted way to get into ketosis in 24 hours.

Exogenous ketones will raise the level of ketones in your blood, and can be taken without following a low carb diet. This will give your brain and body a super boost and many feel very energetic, with mental clarity when they take exogenous ketone supplements.

However, they are another source of calories, and if you are eating them, you are not burning your own fat.

Remember: always listen to your body and react around what it needs.

Fat Fasting

A fat fast is exactly what it sounds like, you are eating nothing but fat for a set time period. Without consuming carbs or protein, your body believes that it is in a fasted state and it will start to produce ketones as soon as your stored glycogen is used up.

A typical fat fast includes lots of butter, eggs and cream cheese, with a goal of 90% fat.

Low carb diet while trying to get into ketosis and stay there

To get your body into a fat burning zone, you need to keep your insulin levels low and steady. As well as controlling your blood sugar, insulin also signals your body to burn or store excess energy as fat.

If you are keeping your blood sugar levels low, your insulin levels will also lower, which then allows your body to access and use its own stored body fat.

Some keto diet experts count net carb some count total carbs and some say aim for zero carbs. Dr Atkins diet is a high fat, high protein diet, others are meat only, animal products only and some use lots of salads.

Ultimately, the aim of the keto diet is to keep your calorie intake lower, without feeling hungry, this will encourage your body to burn stored body fat as a fuel, while keeping your blood sugar level stable and safe.

Nutritional ketosis aims to keep your blood sugars at low-normal, while keeping your blood ketone level between 0.5 and 1.5mmol.

This is a very different state to ketoacidosis where the blood ketone levels would be over 5mmol at the same time that the blood sugar levels are high. THIS is a very dangerous state to be in.



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There are some very key things that you need to do in order to achieve ketosis. Below are our tips on how to achieve ketosis very quickly.However, if you are looking to achieve ketosis over time, these are our best tips. For some people, achieving ketosis over a week is much more effective than rushing into ketosis. #keto #naturalearthymama

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