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newborn only sleeps when being held
Taking a newborn out for the first time can be terrifying. Make sure you have everything you will need packed in your diaper bag! Here is how to pack a diaperbag #newborn #baby #pregnancy #postpartum #firsttimemom #mom #naturalearthymama #diaperbag
coping with colic in the newborn, the 4th trimester

Baby skin is so delicate, finding the best skincare products for you baby can be tough. Here are 6 chemicals that you really must avoid using on your newborns skin #newborn #babyproducts #skincare #naturalearthymama

6 Chemicals to Avoid Putting on your Baby’s Skin

Choosing baby skin care products isn’t as easy as it appears. If you think just grabbing the popular products off the shelves is a good idea, or even splashing out on something labeled organic is the way to go, then you have some reading to do! Unfortunately as much as the packaging may be super …

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