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How to get a Summer Body, Fast!! 7 Top Tips to help you Shred Fat

7 Top Tips to help you Shred Fat and get in shape for summer fast. Get healthy and lose weight with these top tips #naturalearthymamaAs the weather gets hotter, it seems that ‘weight loss’ and getting ‘beach body’ ready runs through our minds.

Yes, it is great to get ourselves in the best shape we can, however please do this in a healthy way.

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Keep in mind these 7 tips as you begin your Summer Body transformation!

Mindset, Why?

Before you start it is a really good idea to check in with what your intentions are.

Why do you want to lose weight? What is motivating you?

Take a moment now and ponder these two questions. 

Think about:

  • what will you gain?
  • what will you get rid of?
  • how will you feel? 
  • what will you notice about yourself?
  • what motivates you the most? 

Knowing why you want to lose weight can 100% help you stick to your goals. 

Once you know your ‘why’ or your motivation, write this down as a positive affirmation.

I am working hard at eating healthy so that I can have a bikini ready body for my trip away. or… I am walking for 30 minutes every day so that I can get pregnant this summer. 

There will be thousands of different options as to why you want to lose weigh for Summer.

You might have an event you are attending, wanting to become healthier to enjoy your summer break, losing weight to have a baby. 

The great thing, is there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer to what is motivating you.

However, knowing your motivation is the key. This will continue to drive you even when you are wanting to give up! 

Writing it down is a very effective tool. There is something powerful about physically writing your goal.

It drills it into your brain, that this is something that you want. 

We have a 10 day Keto Kickstarter Challenge available here

Keto diet

The keto diet has huge benefits, and perhaps it can help you lose weight for your summer body!

The Keto diet can help you particularly if you PCOS or fertility or hormonal concerns.

There is a lot of links to how eating a keto diet can support your overall health and especially around insulin resistance.

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So what is the keto diet?

The keto diet is a high fat and low carb diet.

This is a very specific and measured way to eat which allows you to train your body to use fat as fuel. Who doesn’t want their body to use their fat as fuel!

But isn’t fat bad for us? Simple answer, no. Longer answer below!

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The keto diet enables your body to achieve ketosis.

Ketosis is where your body successfully gains energy from burning fat.

When you are in ketosis there are some amazing benefits such as gaining energy, clarity of mind, and weight loss.

One fantastic outcome of starting on the keto diet enables your body to stop using / needing / craving sugar.

There is no room for sugar on the keto diet. This can be very difficult to adjust to, with sugar being a very addictive food.

However, your mind is strong, and you can quit sugar.

When you quit sugar, you are telling your body that you are no longer fueling with glucose. You are training your body to fuel with fat.

This is the number one key to ketosis.

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When you first start the keto diet, it can be confusing to know if you have entered into ketosis or not.

Don’t fear!

Check out our simple guide to checking if you have entered into ketosis yet. If you haven’t, keep going!

Don’t give up, you will get there.

A quick way of checking for ketosis is by using ketosis testing strips. These can be purchased here.

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The keto diet is not for everyone. Everybody’s bodies are so uniquely designed.

It is important that you listen to your own body and go with what feels right for you.

You should never just copy what someone else is doing and expect your body to work in the same fashion. Your body is unique and it will communicate with you what it needs.

For many people, the keto diet is the ideal way to eat.

For others, it is not. We have a beginners guide to help you decide if the keto diet is the right diet for you.

Click on the button below.

Exercise to gain your Summer Body!

We cannot have a Summer body article without having an exercise aspect.

Please note that we have put the keto diet prior to this tip.

What you eat plays such an important role in becoming healthy. Exercise is important, but getting your food right is the first step.

Exercise is going to support you in multiple ways.

Good, good feelings:

This is the first thing that happens, you feel good. You get good feelings.

This is because after only 10 minutes of moving, your body starts getting good feelings from your brain signals.

You may also feel good simply because you feel proud of yourself, this is fantastic too.

Pride is a great starting point for gaining your summer body.

The more you can feel proud of yourself and give yourself ‘self love’ the better.

Enjoy this feeling, you should feel proud of yourself!


There is something about exercise that allows you to feel motivated.

If you exercise in the morning, you are likely to ignore any treats throughout the day as you do not want to ‘ruin’ your morning workout.

Also, those good, good feelings are addictive. You will want to feel them over and over. This feeling will keep you motivated.

Tone muscles:

It is so lovely when your clothes start to loosen, when feel your arm and it is toned. Amazing feeling.

This is hugely motivating and makes your exercise so rewarding.

How much exercise?

This is totally up to you and your body (and your will power!). Crank your music and power through as much as you feel comfortable with.

Your body will tell you when it needs to take a break, needs hydration, or if it is happy to continue.

Tuning into your body is key (more below).

What kind of exercise?

Some people swear by yoga, others say weight lifting, others say running. What do you say?

Because what ever your think is likely to be the right answer for your body.

Remember, everybody’s body is different and unique!

What exercise works for me, may not work for you!

Listen to your body!

So how do I listen to my Body?

This is such a powerful question. If you are able to truly tune into your body, you will be able to reach un-thinkable goals.

Often, stress, worry, and anxiety get in our way.

Your brain goes into a panic “what if I can’t lose this weight” or “what if I never become pregnant”.

Do you know what?

Stressing about this will not change the fact, it is actually likely to make it so much worse!

So how do you tune into your body?

Honestly – You need to hush your thoughts. To truly listen to your body, you need to quiet your mind of all those busy thoughts.

E.g. what’s for dinner, what is happening tomorrow, etc.

You need to take a deep breath in and check in with yourself. Are yourself “ok, how am I going here”.

By taking a deep breath, you allow your mind to clear and your body to relax.

This will help you to refocus as you ask yourself how your body is going.

Then you need to listen, reflect, and trust your intuition.

If you are exercising and you get a feeling you should stop, do so. If you get a feeling you can do 5 more minutes, do so.

This is about training your mind to listen to your body.

This is not an easy skill to do, but when you start to do this, you will keep your body and mind safe in all situations.

Focus on your Summer Body Goal

As with anything in life, what we focus on, we get. What we put our energy into, we get.

Therefore, it is so important that you are 100% clear on what your goal is, your why (above) and your pathway to achieving it.

So you want to lose some weight, or tone your stomach. Great – make this your focus. Your purpose.

In your decisions, ask yourself if this choice will help you step forward on your pathway to your goal.

If the answer is yes, go ahead and enjoy. If the answer is no, reassure yourself and move on to another option.

Keeping a diary will really help you with achieving your goal. This is because it keeps your focused daily on what you are trying to achieve.

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Keeping busy

This is such a simple tip, but very effective. A busy mind is not a bored mind.

A bored mind is likely to stray from the goal and nibble on some chocolate!

Keep yourself busy. You can do this physically, emotionally, or mentally.

This does not mean you need to run around doing things every moment of the day! No, you will exhaust yourself! And likely fall over!

No, this means that in every moment of every day be present. Be aware of your choices.

Keep busy checking on your intentions and how you are tracking for your goals.

Do give yourself rest.

Do give yourself down time.

This is important.

But in these times, set yourself up for success. Have some fat bombs on hand so that you know you have a healthy treat you can enjoy GUILT FREE as you unwind.

Be Kind to yourself and others

Positive energy is so important. The way you achieve this is through kindness.

As humans we find it easy to be kind and empathize with others, but it is important for you to know that you need to treat yourself in kindness as you would treat others.

You need to become your own best friend, your own cheerleader.

You need to speak encouraging words to yourself and not put yourself down.

By doing all of this, you will be encouraging yourself to become the person physically and emotionally that you want to be.

Because, let’s face it. Gaining a summer body is so much more than looking good.

It is about hundreds of others things e.g feeling good about yourself, impressing someone, becoming healthy, pushing your body to see what you can achieve, or what ever it is that is truly motivating you to do this goal.

Dig deep, work out what it is and praise yourself around it.

Be kind. To others. To yourself. Be kind.

7 Top Tips to help you Shred Fat and get in shape for summer fast. Get healthy and lose weight with these top tips #naturalearthymama

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