10 Best Books for Your Toddler to Read

The 10 best books for toddlers to learn how to love reading. #naturalearthymamaToddlers love books that have pictures and illustrations in them.

If you are looking for some of the books that your toddler will enjoy, here are a few suggestions that you can try!

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These books make idea gifts for your (or someone else’s) toddler or young child.

Good children’s books should be bright and colorful, with easy language and they often have lovely rhymes as well.

1. The Feelings Book

Toddlers convey their feelings through their facial expressions and that is exactly what is illustrated in this book.

Todd Parr’s vibrant illustrations will help toddlers to identify the various emotions according to the faces in the book.

Get The Feelings Book here

2. Black Bird Yellow Sun

One of the most popular books for babies, this book illustrated by Steve Light is both simple and enjoyable for toddlers.

Your toddler will be able to make up his/her own story about the black bird and what it is up to. It is a very colorful book; something that attracts the attention of the toddlers all the time.

Get Black Bird Yellow Sun here

3. My Big Animal Book

If your toddler utters goo-goo when he/she sees a pigeon or loves to hang out with the pet dog, then this book will definitely catch his/her eye.

This giant board book categorizes animals into farm and pet animals for toddlers to understand the difference.

Get My Big Animal Book here

4. Hello Hello

Another colorful book with lots of illustrations from Brendan Wenzel, your toddler will fall in love with the weirdest and wildest animals in this book.

The colors, patterns, and texture used are enough to keep your baby engaged for hours.

Get Hello Hello here

5. First 100 Board Box Set

This is a collection of board books with big photos and illustrations. Your toddler will learn the basic concepts of letters, numbers, animals, and words.

6. Wheels on the Bus

Toddlers love to sway to the tune of their mother while she reads out a book.

Wheels on the Bus by Grosset and Dunlap is the perfect book for any toddler where the story revolves around a group of people traveling on a bus.

Get Wheels on the Bus here

7. The Pout-Pout Fish

Deborah Diesen is the writer and Dan Hanna the illustrator of The Pout-Pout Fish, which tells the funny adventures of a massive fish in the form of rhymes.

The illustrations along with the rhymes are so funny that they will definitely make your toddler laugh out loud. In fact, even if you don’t have time to recite the rhymes, the illustrations are so expressive that your toddler will start laughing as soon as he/she starts flipping through the pages.

Get the Pout Pout Fish here

8. Sheep 101

Toddlers take time to go to sleep, especially when they have toys around. But this book has that amazing ability to make the babies sleep as they count the sheep in the book while they are in bed.

Perfectly illustrated by LeUyen Pham, this book may seem to be silly but your toddler will love it and will eventually wrap their arms around the book and go off to sleep.

Get Sheep 101 here

9. Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3

Counting the eyes, feet, and cloud along with the Duck and Goose has been fascinating for toddlers.

Tad Hills, the author has done a wonderful job to illustrate these birds playfully to let toddlers enjoy learning while playing.

Get Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3 here

10. Touch Think Learn: Vehicles

Toddlers who are fascinated by the sound of cars and get amazed when they see a plane will find this book to be their best friend.

Touch Think Learn: Vehicles is very well illustrated by Xavier Deneux.

It includes some of the favorite vehicles of toddlers along with colorful photos to help understand their names and how they move.

Get Touch Think Learn: Vehicles here

There are many books that you can buy for your toddler. They love brightly colored and interactive books, funny stories and anything to do with their favorite topics. 

Story time is a magic time for both parent and toddler when you have a fun array of great toddler friendly books to read.

Top 10 books for toddlers. Great gift ideas for encouraging a love of books and reading in your child #naturalearthymama

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