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Easy Carnivore Meals and Snack Ideas

January is World Carnivore month, and we jumped on board. Many people considering starting the carnivore diet wonder about variety in meals and if they would get bored eating only meat and animal products for a whole month.

Most long term carnivores will attest that actually the limited range of options is really very satisfying and many eat nothing more than beef, salt and water.

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However if you are new to trying the carnivore diet and are looking for carnivore meal ideas and recipes, check out this epic list of ideas for you to eat.

Egg dishes for Carnivore

If you tolerate eggs, there is SO MUCH you can do with them, and many carnivore meals include eggs.

Plain eggs cooked to your liking (fried, soft boiled, hard boiled, poached)
Omelette – with bacon, sausage, ham
Eggs Benedict with some Canadian bacon + poached eggs + hollandaise sauce)
Bacon and egg cups
Egg muffins/egg bites
Scotch eggs
Crustless quiche with eggs, cheese, and meat of choice (bacon, sausage, ham)
Multi-cheese frittata
Omelets with left over meat
Egg salad made with bacon mayo
Deviled eggs 
Egg loaf
Egg fast waffle cheese melt
Egg crepes (can add cinnamon and monkfruit for a sweet treat)

Soups/Stews/Chowders for Carnivore

Nothing is more satisfying on a cold day!

Bone broth
Hot pot (beef broth + meat)
Pho (beef broth, tripes, tendons, flank, no noodles); can use spices and make in Instant Pot
Chicken soup – no vegetables but can add seasonings (can add HWC for richness)
Clam chowder (bacon, chicken stock, heavy cream, clams, diced scallops)
Mussels + broth
Seafood gumbo (uses seasonings)
Lobster and shrimp bisque (instant pot using chicken stock, HWC, butter, seafood and optional seasoning)
Bacon and shrimp chowder
Oxtail stew
Sausage and Parmesan cream cheese soup
Chicken cordon bleu soup (chicken, ham and cream cheese)
Instant pot crack chicken soup with cream cheese and bacon

Seafood dishes

Fish/shellfish steamed, roasted,poached, fried, baked, or grilled (can add additional fat and seasoning)
Seared scallops in browned butter
Fish tartare
Bacon wrapped scallops/shrimp
Crab cakes
Roasted shrimp or prawns with melted butter/ghee
Clams with butter (can add seasonings)
Mussels in butter
Lobster + butter
Smoked salmon + cream cheese
Fish stuffed with crab and cream cheese (salmon, cod, halibut, flounder); can top with crushed pork rinds and parmesan for crunch
Oysters – raw or baked with cheese and bacon
Tuna tataki
Fried fish – pork rinds crusted white fish
Salmon drenched in butter
Seared ahi with melted butter drizzle
Tuna salad with bacon mayo

Poultry dishes

Chicken is a staple in our house because we are feeding 6 and it is cheap. Here are some great chicken carnivore meal ideas.

Chicken, turkey, duck, quail or other poultry cooked to your liking (grill, fry, sautéed, roasted, poached are a few ideas)
Rotisserie chicken
Duck confit
Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed chicken breasts
Sautéed chicken liver with creamy mushrooms
Chicken shawarma
Chicken salad (with bacon mayo)
Chicken cordon bleu
Chicken stroganoff with or without mushrooms
Buffalo wings
Pork rinds coated chicken tenders/nuggets
Fried chicken (chicken, buttermilk, eggs, parmesan, pork rinds, beef tallow)
Chicken stuffed with Gouda and wrapped in bacon
Carnivore chicken parmigiana (pork rind and Parmesan crusted chicken topped with melted cheese); Italian seasonings optional
Carnivore chicken carbonara – cream, cheese and chicken
Bacon wrapped chicken skewers with melted butter dipping sauce
Baked chicken enchilada (chicken, jack cheese, chili powder and garlic)

Carnivore Pork Dishes

Pork is an ever popular meat with so much you can do with it!

Pork belly confit
Bacon wrapped hotdog/sausage/bratwurst
Blood sausage
Smoked ribs
Pulled pork
Stuffed pork belly
Crispy pork belly
Cream cheese and bacon stuffed pork tenderloin
Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin
Pork rind crusted pork chops (pork rind and Parmesan option too)
Smothered pork chops (cream cheese, HWC, bacon, and optional spices + mushrooms)
Instant pot sour cream pork chops
Kalua pig
Salami or pepperoni wrapped around cheese or cream cheese
Bratwurst, kielbasa, and sausages without fillers and non-carnivore ingredients
Pepperoni, salami, prosciutto (check ingredients)

Beef/Bison/Lamb dishes

Many carnivores live off red meat only, so here are some great ways to keep up the variety.

Steaks and roasts cooked to your liking (sous vide, instant pot, air fryer, grill, cast iron skillet, roasted, baked, slow cooker are a few ideas)
Veal parmigiana (pork rind and Parmesan coated veal topped with melted cheese); can use Italian seasonings
Steak + butter + cream sauce
Smoked meat + mustard
Steak tartare
Swedish meatballs + gravy (beef broth + heavy cream)
Italian meatballs
Bacon wrapped meatloaf
Beef stroganoff (beef + vodka + sour cream)
Beef jerky
Roast beef + jus
Sliced seared steak covered in melted ghee
Lamb kofta kebabs
Lamb shoulder
Lamb shank
Lamb chop
Rack of lamb
Ground lamb (season with lemon and rosemary)
Beef or lamb shawarma
Steak or burger (beef, bison, lamb) with a fried egg or runny egg yolk on top
Pot roast
Tri tip
Corned beef
Philly cheesesteak (use steaks or season like cheesesteak but use ground beef or bison)
Elk burgers
Beanless chili if you are relaxed and use seasonings
Carnivore meatloaf stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon
Creamy meat – ground meat (beef, bison, pork, turkey) browned and mixed with cream cheese or HWC; top with bacon and grated cheese
Carnivore meatballs or sausage baked in cheese (under broiler for crispy cheese top)
Keto ground beef casserole (seasonings optional) beef, cheddar, cream cheese
Keto taco casserole
Keto bacon cheeseburger casserole (beef, bacon, cheese, cream cheese, HWC); add crumbled bleu cheese for the bacon bleu variation
Carnivore meatsagna
Sausage gravy over hamburger patty
Steak smothered in creamy garlic shrimp
Steak topped with creamy mushroom sauce (some carnivores include mushrooms)
Bacon cheeseburger (also bleu cheese stuffed bacon burger)
Ground beef + taco seasoning + sour cream

Chaffle/Maffle dishes

Chaffles are taking the keto and carnivore world by storm – cheese and egg waffles or the more meaty maffle option.

Chaffle/maffle (options with and without dairy)
Chaffle grilled cheese sandwich
Chaffle sandwich with choice of meat
Chaffle open faced tuna melt
Chaffle garlic cheese “bread” – chaffle topped with melted better, minced garlic, and cheese heated under the broiler
Chaffle or maffle tacos (chaffle with meat, sour cream, cheese)
Chaffle with sausage gravy (sausage with HWC, cream cheese, salt and pepper – garlic and onion powder optional)
Carnivore pizza with chaffle crust


Casserole makes a great family dinner idea

Keto ground beef casserole (seasonings optional) beef, cheddar, cream cheese
Keto taco casserole
Keto bacon cheeseburger casserole (beef, bacon, cheese, cream cheese, HWC); add crumbled bleu cheese for the bacon bleu variation
Cheesy chicken alfredo casserole (uses spices but can omit)
Creamy chicken parmigiana casserole
Meat lovers pizza casserole (can be sauceless or use make a white pie)

Carnivore snack ideas

Liver pâté + pork rinds
Livers sautéed in butter and HWC
Cheese crisps
Pork rinds + parmesan mozzarella sticks
Grilled haloumi cheese
Heavy cream yogurt
Carnivore loaded nachos
Carnivore pizza with ground chicken crust and carnivore toppings
Pepperoni pizza crust less quiche
Pepperoni, salami, prosciutto
Bacon jerky
Beef jerky
Hard boiled eggs
Churro pork rinds (pork rinds coated in oil and tossed in cinnamon and monk fruit)
Pork rind “popcorn” (porn rinds tossed in melted butter or ghee and sea salt)

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