What to pack in a hospital bag for dad before labor and delivery

Packing dads labor bag

A lot of effort and information is put out there about what to pack in an expectant mom’s hospital bag ( check our out here ) but ideally the expectant father will also have a bag ready to go when labor starts. If you are wondering what to pack in hospital bag for dad I have got you covered with the extensive hospital bag checklist below.

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To the Dad of the new baby: Your partners labor could be long, or even boring, and you need to be prepared for what may be.

You should have your hospital bag packed from when your partner is 36 weeks pregnant, or 4 weeks before her due date.

If there are things that you need in your bag, but also need day to day, place a BIG note on your bag listing what isn’t in there and where you can quickly find it.

Chances are when it is go time you won’t have time to hunt around for spare camera batteries!

It is worth checking with the hospital what you can and cannot bring. Often they do not allow you to plug in anything unless it has been checked by the hospital electricians.

It is a really good idea to have the baby’s car seat already installed in the car and ready to go. And when it is go time, grab your bag and the diaper bag. Hopefully your partner’s labor and delivery bags will already be in the car, except for a few last minute items.

What to Pack in Dad’s Hospital Back for Labor

Dads hospital bag has a lot of practical items in it, to help you be more comfortable during labor too. While your partner will be busy doing her thing, you will be supporting her, and you need to be comfortable and able to focus on the labor without worrying about other things. This list of hospital bag must haves will help you achieve this!

1. Plenty of spare change

You will need coins to pay for parking, pay phones, newspapers and vending machines. Labor might be much longer than you expect, so bring plenty! Set an alarm on your phone to make sure you pop down and top up the parking meter before it runs out OR see if your city has an app for that!

2. Camera

Whether you bring your fancy digital camera, camcorder, or just your smartphone, make sure you have it packed! If you want to record anything, check with the hospital beforehand, because not all of them allow them in delivery rooms. Make sure batteries are fully charged, and bring spares, you will want to take SO MANY photos of your new baby and your new mom!

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3. Cell Phone, Charger, and Phone List

This is your job! Make sure you have a wall charger as well as your phone will go flat with all the well wishes you will receive. You may want to bring a list of phone numbers to call as a back-up to your contacts list on the cell phone.

4. Your own toothbrush and toothpaste, gum or mouthwash

No woman wants to be breathed on with stinky breath while in labor (or ever). When labor is long and arduous, cleaning your teeth is a quick and easy way to freshen up.

5. Sweatshirt or Jersey

A warm sweatshirt will be a good thing for Dad to have along just in case, often moms in labor get SUPER hot and ask for the heat to be turned way down. Also, you may have to do a midnight dash out to the car, so be prepared.

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6. Change of Underwear

If you are just in for a normal long labor and delivery, a change of underwear should be sufficient to keep you feeling clean and ready for anything.

7. Clean Shirt for Pictures

There will be lots of pictures of you, mom and the baby. You don’t want to have photos of you in a ratty old birth covered shirt.

8. Swimwear

If your partner is planning a water birth you may not get in the pool with her, but it’s good to have the option.

9. Glasses

If you usually wear contact lenses you may find that your lenses may dry out over time, irritating your eyes. Glasses may be more comfortable, especially for the drive home.

10. Comfortable shoes and clothes

You may find yourself doing lots of walking with your partner in early labor, pacing up and down corridors and climbing stairs, not to mention the runs to the parking meter.

Comfy clothes will keep you happy and more able to help your partner, think about something you could do a gym workout in – track pants, a t-shirt and a hoodie are a good combo. They might not be glamourous attire for your baby’s arrival, but they will hold you in good steed when your wife has you holding yoga poses supporting her for hours on end.

You can also pack yourself a nice new dad home outfit for leaving the hospital too.

11. Comfortable Pillow and warm blanket

You will not get your own hospital bed, however you may be able to get some sleep in a chair, and having your own pillow will make you feel more comfortable. If you are able to stay overnight, you will find your own pillow a lot more comfortable than the hospital ones. Most hospital pillows are plastic coated and feel like they are filled with lead.

The staff can probably spare you a hospital blanket, but if you can fit one in your bag, grab one from home as it will be much nicer. A polar fleece or light cotton or wool one is preferable to a thick duvet.

It can also double as a modesty cloak if your partner needs to walk the corridors in her hospital gown.

12. Snacks

Try to pack higher protein snacks that will keep you going longer. Trail mix is a good choice for a simple snack, as are granola bars or crackers. Choose foods that don’t need kept cold. You can grab a couple of shelf stable meals and ask to reheat them on the ward or even eat them cold if you are so inclined!

13. Water Bottle

Fill it up with water and keep it in your bag so you aren’t having to keep pop away from the delivery room for a drink. The hospital air is very dry, so you may find that you need more than you usually would.

14. Something to read – books or magazines

It’s good to have a distraction during a long labor. You could be waiting some time before your baby puts in an appearance.

15. Labor aides

Are there any printouts from your antenatal classes to help with breathing, or positions to help ease labor and birth? Do you want to print out some birthing affirmations to repeat? Did you do Hypnobabies ?

16. Painkillers, for you (just in case)

As you are not the patient, it’s unlikely that anyone will pay much attention to your aches and pains, so it’s best to pack any medication you think you may need. You may find yourself with a headache or backache, so just pack what you might need.

17. Contraction timer

Download a free contraction timer app on your phone, this will be useful information for your midwife as well as gives you something to be doing.

18. Massage aids and oils

You can help provide some natural pain relief for your partner with a good strong massage. Your hands may get tired though so having a massage tool also can be very helpful.

19. Hand-held fan

A hand held fan or a water spray bottle will help cool down the mom-to-be while she’s in labor.

20. Hospital Paperwork

As your partner will be otherwise occupied, it’s a good idea for you to be in charge of paperwork you’ll need for the hospital like insurance information and registration papers.

21. Music

Some couples prefer soothing smooth jazz, others country or others rock and roll or R&B or rap. Whatever works for you, bring it along plus something to play it on and do a trial run at home, nothing is more irritating than technology that won’t work. Except maybe a husband fussing with technology that won’t work while you are trying to have a baby.

If you get your own hospital room later, having music in there for your hospital stay can be really nice too as it helps block out some of the labor and delivery sounds!

22. Push Present

A push present is a more recent trend, the push present is a gift that dad gives to mom right after the baby is born.

Push presents can include jewelry, a piece of art, a gift certificate, some flowers, fancy chocolate, an electronic reader, snuggly new slippers/robe or anything your partner would appreciate that is just a bit on the extravagant side.

It might be something off the baby registry that you didn’t get at the baby shower, but usually it is something specifically for your wife, not for the baby.

If you aren’t so good at buying gifts, ask your partners best friend for some ideas.

Packing your dad hospital bag

Every expectant dad heading to the hospital for his partners labor needs to come prepared and ready for anything. Pack a good, well stocked labor bag and make the the labor and delivery process better.

Get it ready well in advanced and put it somewhere easy to grab – you might even like to pre-load most of it into the boot of the car ready for babys arrival.

You can use this post to make your own checklist, and be sure to add anything specific that your birth partner wants added.


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